At the heart of Thunder 2 is the centrality of emotionally driven rapid decision making, and highlighting the relevance of goals and longing in developing brand strategies to help shape these split-second decisions.

To illustrate this we offer two egg diagrams. One illustrates how small the part our conscious mind plays in any decisions we make. It all happens in the unconscious domain.

Decision Making - Conscious and Unconscious Mind
Decision Making – The Conscious and Unconscious Mind

The other diagram illustrates the “golden egg”, as illustrated in the header image – a recurrent symbol in world mythology, something that must be uncovered or discovered.

The techniques of cognitive and behavioural studies do not lend themselves readily to this uncovering. Rather the “golden egg” is to be discovered as a result of a journey.

Nor is it the case, as we will see (Thunder 9) that people can readily access this domain. It is not accessed by putting a group together and asking the respondents (traditional research methodologies). The route to longings is not linear.

Knowing who you are is a good start and that then guides the way to preparing great stimulus. We will start to uncover how to tap into these deep longings in the coming Thunders.