Those who have taken the journey with us

Each team we have worked with have not only thoroughly enjoyed the journey they have taken with us, but have also delivered outstanding results on the back of the process.

Some of the global brands we've worked with

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We assume consumers are making rational decisions about rational propositions about rational issues. It’s not like that. New thinking, new ways are needed. This Brand Archetype Journey is absolutely about these new ways

Sean Gogarty, Global Brand Manager, Unilever

In practice, BAJ is a simple yet flexible way of defining a coherent brand strategy. It binds together multiple product and service propositions in a compelling way for consumers

Joe Collum, Strategic Marketing Manager, Glanbia

Having achieved great results for Domestos in the advertising testing, it’s now happening on the ground (sales up 15% in Ireland). Your input allowed this to happen

Nicky Boud, Global Brand Manager, Unilever

I have always had confidence in the ability of the archetyping approach to take you somewhere a bit different and potentially to lead you to ideas that can take the brand forward dramatically

Sean Gogarty, Global Brand Manager, Unilever

How do you create personalities that can live on? Archetypes are personalities in its most pure form. Brands based on an Archetype can build a relationship with consumers that goes beyond the ordinary. They relate to the deepest parts of ourselves

Jacqui Mees Buss, European Marketing Director, Elida Faberge (Unilever)

Insights from consumer journey along with archetype experience mapping has provided us with enormous insight from our key markets as to possible ways forward for Irish Tourism

Brian Ross, Chairman, Overseas Tourist Marketing Initiative

I have used consumer journeys for gaining insight and practical ways forward on key strategic issues. I know of no better approach.

Richard Holmes, Marketing Director, Boots the Chemist

Using the method of Consumer Journeys showed us how today’s consumers interpreted our brand archetypes. We got an intuitive in-depth understanding of our brand that enables us to make decisions without having to test them

David Bunworth, Marketing Director, Aer Lingus

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Some of the global companies we have worked with

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