Uncovering the story of the brand and culture

We use storytelling and creative thinking to stimulate a deep conversation with multiple cultures, all under one roof.


We put the "world in a room™ "

Global Cultural Panel™

By putting different cultures in a room and using our well honed processes of cultural exploration in which crafted story, creative thinking, and targeted stimulus are used, we can deliver a deep understanding of each culture's specific matrix - their worlds, their stories, their memories, a real insight into their culture – this we call a culture's Mythographic™.

Global Mythology Database

We can tap into the mythology of 14 different cultures which help us understand who the archetype is within a culture.

Myths in Film

You can have access to an in-depth study that has been completed on the 6 global myths in Hollywood film.


We also have a database of mythographics that we have developed for 25 major cultures of the world, so you can assess whether your brand story is resonating within a culture or not.

The Three Intelligences of a Global Marketer

Global Marketers today require a complex mix of intelligences to ensure their brands stand out from the global crowd. The first one is Rational Intelligence, the second is Affective Intelligence, and last but not least is Cultural Intelligence. Alexander Dunlop offers a unique combination of bespoke marketing tools to assist Global Marketers with Affective and Cultural Intelligences.

IQ Rational

  • Cognitive, Conceptual, Numerical Intelligence
  • Understanding what people do

This is the ability to understand what people do through cognitive, conceptual and numeric competencies.

AQ Affective

  • Knowing how to move people
  • Understanding what people feel

This is the ability to understand what people feel and what affects people at a deep level.

CQ Cultural

  • Knowing what works in different cultures around the world
  • Understanding the global and the local

This is the ability to understand why people are the way they are - the complex relationship between the Local and the Global - knowing what things work and why in different cultures around the world.

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